Sunday, January 23, 2005

the true love cafe

ah yes, it does exist ... i have discovered it on my walks through the city

it's really quite the gem! the true love cafe is situated in one of the sketchier areas of town. kitty corner to the true love cafe is a church with a shelter in it and there are often great gaggles of people milling about outside it (the church, not the cafe)

the cafe does its best to class itself up though ... there are hearts spraypainted on the sidewalk bordering the cafe (and not just freehand painting, these puppies are stenciled in pink AND purple)

as further enticement to get you to enter this establishment, they blast great love songs over a rather tinny sounding speaker system ... celine dion seems to be among their favourites ... there's nothing better than walking down the street and hearing "all by my self" blaring from the true love cafe ... i'm unsure if this song choice is supposed to make you feel romantic or if it is meant to make you feel depressed so you'll seek solace in the arms of the true love cafe and perhaps even *gasp* find you r true love!

i have yet to actually enter this magical land d'amour .. but the hand written sign (done most likely with a sharpie) advertising the $1.75 hamburgers is quite tempting ... maybe next week ... or better yet for valentines day (i've gotta find some way to celebrate that day, right?)


Anonymous said...

My favourite cafe is called Vollo Cafe, it's on Young Street, they serve my true love there: really good beer.

melpie said...

i've never been to vollo ... but ironically, i was talking to a co-worker on friday and he was heading there after work (it's one of the places he frequents) as his friends own it or something like that

perhaps i will have to check it some time

Anonymous said...

My true love's in houston. alas!

Anonymous said...

I was only at Vollo once, but it's my favourite. Next time I go I will make a report.


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled over this post - I hope in the four months since you've posted it, you've ventured into the True Love Cafe. In a 'sketchy' part of town, we need to support little community businesses. Besides, John makes great breakfasts, and the bald guy who helps out some mornings is really funny.

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Anonymous said...


I love the True Love cafe - venture in! Lena and the bald cook guy were so welcoming to me as a clueless English tourist. Free internet, chess boards, great cheap food and - an absolute gem - a local world-class jazz pianist Ken Skinner who happens to play their acoustic piano there a couple of hours each day. I gotta say this is one of my favourite cafes anywhere in the world - it's on your doorstep don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I have seached online for this Tru Love Cafe, but cannot find it.
I am about to venture through all the 'shady' parts of town but before I figured maybe someone here can send me an address.

Anonymous said...

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